Friday, September 5, 2014

Cloud 10 Creamery

Cloud 10



Clean, simple, and peaceful were the 3 words that crossed our minds when we walked in. With terrific music and great customer service, this modern little Ice Cream Shop located in the heart of Rice Village offers original and seasonal flavors, but if you are looking for something different or for a specific flavor, you can request it and Chef Chris Leung will please you and make your dreams come true.

At the time we visited it, this shop was not packed at all, but this place usually gets busy every evening, specially during the weekends. If you would like to sit down to enjoy your scoops, let us tell you that the space is limited inside the store. However, they have a patio where they offer more tables for their customers.  

Overall this place was pleasant, we were not incredible impressed, but we would probably go back again to try other flavors since they change seasonally. 


Service: 5/5

Ambience: 5/5


Adult Milkshake

st. germain ice cream


As soon as we read Adult Milkshake, we said Yes! but unfortunately, it was not what we expected.

Not enough of the elderflower liquor to make it interesting and memorable, and not enough of anything else to make this milkshake anything more than a glorified creamy version of grocery store milk one might buy by the gallon. 

The shake lacked the airiness that would at least make it palatable, and instead felt heavy and flat. Too heavy for a shake to be drank with straws, too light for ice cream to be eaten with a spoon. 

This one definitely did not have us flying high.


Dish: 2/5


Vanilla Bean Sundae

vanilla bean IC, mango, toasted meringue, brown sugar crumble, white chocolate magic shell


The Presentation of the sunday was amazing, as you can see in the picture. The ice cream was creamy as it should be. A reminiscence of the cloud, if only one wouldn't fall off at the anticlimactic taste.

Since  it is an ice cream shop, the natural vanilla flavor could be better, but it was well complemented with the mango, toasted meringue, white chocolate and the lovely brown sugar crumble at the bottom of the cup! All these components worked very well together. 


Dish: 4/5


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