Monday, August 11, 2014

Bosta Wine & Coffee

wine & coffee
Food is not the only thing we love in Houston, coffee and the coziness of each shop is also among our favorites. Bosta, a new  adorable cafĂ©, has recently opened its doors to all the coffee-drinkers in the Museum District. A great location if you are interested in working for hours or simply having a quick coffee with an old friend. If work is your thing, then rest assured that you will have plenty of tables and outlets to choose from.
Those more interested in socializing can take a more comfortable route and lounge on one of the sofas or enjoy a beverage at the circular bar located in the center of the shop. Also, the light background music gives you a relax and comfortable ambience. 
Bosta has a nice staff but not overly attentive. The service is kind of confusing once you walking in. You are not sure if it is self-service or a la carte. Finally, after 15 min we found out it is a la carte.  For being a new business, customer service was not their forte. It should be stronger. However, we would like to give them a second try.
Service: 2.3/5
Ambience: 5/5

Marinated Kale Salad
chile, lemon, dried fruit & red onion
Panini and snack plates available. At the time, we were looking for just a snack and the kale salad was just that. We would definitely order this triple threat again as it was tasty, fresh, and healthy. It was also a perfect size for a mid-day bite.
Dish:  5/5

One word, Disappointing!!!. Our coffee was COLD! We don’t even know how a coffee shop can get this part wrong, but they did. Luckily we gave them another chance and got our hot coffee after returning the original order. Limited sugar selections so bring your own sweetener if you like your coffee with anything other than brown sugar.
Dish:  1.3/5

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