Sunday, August 10, 2014

Pico's Mex Mex

Mex-Mex Restaurant
With a decoration leaning towards the rustic, an enjoyable atmosphere, strolling musicians, and an attentive staff, we hope this restaurant outlives the “Upper Kirby Curse”. This area is known for the number of restaurant openings and closings and Pico’s has just been added to the list. Pico’s is a relatively new #Mexican #Restaurant in town located on the corner of Richmond and Kirby.
Walking into the restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by the positive vibe filling the room and the mixed clientele at the #bar and in the main dining room. The staff was both attentive and friendly. We noticed the managers and waiters were constantly checking on tables making sure each patron was taken care of. Our only complaint was our waiter’s lacking knowledge of menu items and portion sizes. Beside these points, the service was terrific. We will definitely be back to Pico's, not necessarily for a sit down dinner, but rather for a good time and a frozen #strawberry #margarita at the bar. We enthusiastically recommend you do too.
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience: 4.7/5

pulled pork served with avocado slices, pico de gallo and tortillas
A supposed customer favorite was a bit of a disappointment for us. Our expectations were too high for a #dish which was simply okay. There was nothing special about the pork’s #taste nor the plate’s presentation. Needless to say, we were not licking our fingers after trying this #appetizer. We appreciate #tortillas were severed hot, but these were a bit too #hot and stuck to the paraffin which separated them. Good news is: it is easy to share and can be a bit more flavorful if you load your #tortilla with the #pork, #avocado, and #pico.
Dish: 2/5

Chamorro De Ternera
with salsa de chile de arbol (Osso Buco)
alubias blancas with chorizo español and avocado
We now understand why the #OssoBuco is one of the most #popular #entrees at Pico's. All the ingredients came together elegantly to create a #tender,# tasteful and distinctive meal. The #soft zest of chile arbol is appreciated at the end of each bite. The #dish is served with #tortillas and #beans, but we would have preferred #Mexican rice and/or #grilled #vegetables as this claims to be a Mex-Mex restaurant.
Dish: 4.5/5

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