Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tierra del Fuego

Tierra Del Fuego
Authentic Argentinian Food 
At Tierra del Fuego the meats are cooked over charcoal and wood by their craftsmen either on their parrilla or asador.
I enjoyed the ambience of Tierra del Fuego. While you dine or have a glass of wine, you listen to a bandoneonist  and watch a couple dancing tango all over the restaurant. It gets a little noisy. You may like it or not. I loved it!!!
The service was.... The manager was amazing, and you could notice the great customer service he was giving to the other tables. The waiter was nice and kind. However, we did not expect our waiter to forget too many details while we were dining. 
First, we never got our bread; then, he totally forgot our second glasses of wine, but the manager noticed this, and he came to the table to pour more wine which went on the house. Then, the waiter never brought steak knives for the main dishes. I had to ask someone else for the knives because we never made eye contact to our waiter. Finally, when he came to clean up the table, he never offered desserts or bring the dessert menu. I had to ask him for it. 
Beside all of these forgotten details, I enjoyed the ambience of this place.
Service: 1/5
Ambience: 5/5

Mollejitas a la Parrilla
sweetbreads fresh off the grill
The presentation was rustically charming. I enjoy when a dish is presented on a hot iron platter. The mollejitas had a great texture and the sour touch of the lemon made the mollejitas incredible.
Dish: 4.7/5

Selecciones del Asador
bife de fuego, tira de asado y pechito de cerdo argentine cut, slab of beef ribs & spare pork ribs
To be honest we were expecting more from this selection. We only enjoyed the slab of beef ribs. The spare pork ribs and the bife de fuego were dry and with no taste. We did not send them back because at that point we had enough with the experience at this place.
Dish: 1.3/5

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