Monday, August 11, 2014

Lillo & Ella

Lillo & Ella
Asian Food At New Heights
A lovely new concept from Chef-Owner Kevin Naderi who is doing a great job again! This adorable place with a funky/modern decoration got me. 
The service was outstanding. The staff of the restaurant was focused on the service all the time. Our waitress Luisa was very knowledgeable about the menu and very attentive. 
What I like the most about a  restaurant is when the manager or the chef comes to the table to greet and ask about the food and/o experience, and this place got both. 
I will totally come back to this little place, but next time for dinner.
Service:  5/5
Ambience:  5/5

General Guang's Quail-Grilled
chopped, and tossed in a black bean and hoisin sauce with chinese broccoli. Served with steamed rice
Interesting dish. The quails were firm, meaty and juicy. They were not dry or tough. I did not expect this dish to have a  satisfactory size of vegetables which went perfectly with the rice and the sweet touch of the hoisin sauce. 
Dish:  4.7/5

Basil Flat Iron Beef
steamed rice, baby spinach 
The portion size of the rice, vegetable and steak were just enough on the plate to have some of each one for every bite. The cilantro and the mint gave a different but terrific taste to the dish. 
Dish: 4.7

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