Monday, August 11, 2014


Contemporary Japanese Dining & Sushi
Quality and innovation has made it to Houston. Uchi is by far on of the best restaurants in H-town. If you are not concerned about spending a fair amount of money for one dinner , this place is a must. 
The best way to enjoy a meal at Uchi is by allowing your waiter to order for you. We have done this many times and have never been disappointed. We consider this restaurant as part of our FancyCoco selections. A good tip for those on a CocoBudget, this place offers an incredible HappyHour Monday to Friday from 5 to 6:30pm with prices up to one third off their regular price! If you plan on going to happy hour, try to arrive early for a huge queue is formed on the street even before the doors open. 
Uchi reserves some of their tables for walk-ins but most tables are for reservations (which usually are also gone very fast, so try to call in advance). In the past we have had to wait 50 minutes on a week night to even score a spot at the bar, yet the wait is more than worth it. 
Upscale atmosphere, rustic decoration, young people, and exceptional service make for an extraordinary experience.
Service: 4.7/5
Ambience: 5/5

Zero Sen Roll
yellotail, avocado, shallot, cilantro, tobiko, yuzu
There is nothing zero about this cocodijon favorite. An exquisite roll featuring raw fish and a distinctively delicious citrus flavor is highly suggested by the staff and now by us as well. The freshness and pureness of this roll is one to enjoy without soy sauce. The rolls at Uchi are cut into delicately small pieces making it easy to eat while enjoying a burst of flavor. 
It is no wonder we continue to order this dish every time we have the pleasure of dining in this distinguished establishment.
Dish: 5/5

Ham and Eggs Roll
katsu pork belly, yolk custard, espelette
Unique and exotic, this roll is for anyone who does not like fish . The roll consists of delicately tender pork combined with sweet gravy for a mouth-watering taste 
Every dish here is rather amazing; we insist you try more than what is featured here. We highly suggest you end your gastronomical experience with the delicious Fried Milk, a dish offering chocolate and condensed milk flavors in a exceptional presentation.
Dish:  4.7/5

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