Monday, August 11, 2014


Southern Cocktail Bar
Clumsy Butcher Team scored again.
Julep! With a subtle feminine touch by co-owned Alba Huerta, this new bar on the lower Washington corridor offers a sophisticated vibe and different variations of Southern cocktails in addition to a limited #beer selection.
If you are familiar with Clumsy Butcher ( HayMerchant, Anvil, PastryWar, Okra ) you already know what to expect... Julep gives you the same relaxed and #chill vibe. The wait for a drink is the same as Anvil or Pastry war  since the drinks are made with fresh ingredients. However, the service was faster than we thought. 
If our CocoDrinkers are in the mood of crafted cocktails and a laid back night, we totally recommend you to stop at this new spot on Washington ave.
Service: 4.5/5
Ambience:  4.7/5

Creole Crusta
short and sour with el dorado 5yr rum, red pepper infused clement creole shrub, lemon and burdock & dandelion bitters
Since two of us were in the mood of sweet drinks, the mixologist recommended us this beautiful craft cocktail of rum .
This drink was complex, strong and delicate at the same time. Each sip was enjoyable and full of flavor .
However, it had a high end of sweetness , so probably a drink or 2 might be enough if you are not in the mood for sugary drinks. 
Drink: 4.7/5

Sparkling Julep
sparkling 100 gamay wine, pierre ferrand 1840 cognac, mint and turbinado
If you are into cognac you will fall in love with this drink like 2 of us did. With a strong infusion of cognac and hints of fresh mint and lime, this drink is definitely the best option to soothe your cravings of a well made summer drink.
Drink:  4/5

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