Monday, August 11, 2014

Peli Peli

Peli Peli
South African Fusion 
If you are in the Spring area and want to try something different you may want to stop by this South African fusion restaurant. It may not be my first choice, but its knowledgable staff and different flavors might be worth the visit. If you are expecting it to be a romantic and causal upscale venue, as its advertised, you may want to rethink your visit. When you walk in you appreciate the decorations and the loud ambiance, but the moment you sit down you get the feeling that, 
all of a sudden, you are dining at The Cheesecake Factory. In terms of service, the waiter was both attentive and friendly, but he forgot to retrieve the menus and unwanted plates throughout the night. Also, don't expect to take small children to this restaurant because highchairs are not available. 
Summary: This is a restaurant for those looking to try something new,
exotic, and casual. Knowing what to order is key. You can enjoy a flavorful meal or be stuck with a dish lacking flavor. 
Service: 3.5/5
Ambience: 2.3/5

Chicken Sosaties

skewered peli peli chicken with apricots marinated in a sweet curry sauce. Served on a bed of African rice pilaf with mango chutney. 
The perfect plate to share. A fusion of many flavors featuring the restaurants signature peli peli spice and a sweet taste of mango and apricots. This explosion of flavors was quite fascinating but too rich to eat alone. Sharing is a must. 
Dish: 4.5/5

South African Mixed Grill

marinated prime beef, lambchop and boerewors sausage served with sautéed spinach, pap and gravy and topped with a poached egg with madagascar peppercorn sauce.
If you are hungry this might not be the plate for you. The sausage and lamb chop were relatively small and lacked flavor. The dish looks like a home run on paper but even with its many ingredients, it did not live up to its expectations.
Dish: 2.7/5

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